Neck Pain

Why does my neck hurt?

What is neck pain?

Neck pain like low back pain is not a diagnosis.  Other than stating the neck is hurting no further information is gained.  A detailed history and physical examination is required to further elucidate the problem.

There are many reasons for the neck to cause pain.  Just like the lower back there are many structures that are potential triggers of pain.  Muscles, Joints, discs, tendons, and ligaments are all potential sources of pain.  Once there is a diagnosis then a treatment plan can be formulated.  Our office is well versed in the treatment of chronic neck pain.

Neck pain can also be the trigger for chronic headaches as well as shoulder pain.  Pain felt between the shoulder blades may actually be arising from the neck.  Neck pain can radiate into the upper extremity.  This pain can be arising from a disc problem or from the spinal joints. shutterstock_165440129 Therefore an accurate diagnosis is vital to proper treatment.

There are many treatment modalities for this condition including Medications, exercise, Physical Therapy and Injections.  Usually a combination of treatments is more effective than any one single modality.  Carefully targeted injections under x-ray or ultrasound guidance can be diagnostic as well as therapeutic.  Once pain in under control other treatment modalities such as exercise and physical therapy are better tolerated and more effective.  Change in life style include, exercise, dietary changes, cessation of smoking are vital.

We are excited to offer PRP and Stem cell therapy for neck and shoulder pain.  Unlike treatment with steroids the goal with regenerative therapy is to help your body to repair the injury and to preserve function.  If you are contemplating surgery give us a call. Have a consultation.  We may be able to help you avoid surgery.

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