Back Pain

Why does my back hurt?

What is Low Back Pain?

The term back pain is very nonspecific.  Other than specifying the location of the pain it conveys little further information.  Therefore a specific diagnosis is needed to further define why the lower back hurts. shutterstock_165440129 This requires a careful history and physical examination.   Many times an imaging study such as an X-Ray or MRI may be needed to aid in the diagnosis.  Our doctor has had extensive medical training to obtain an accurate diagnosis.

Back pain is a very common occurrence.  While most back pain complaints resolve spontaneously with a tincture of time, a small percentage continues to linger or even intensify. This is where you need to seek medical attention promptly.  There are many reasons why your back is hurting.  Structures in the spine that are potential sources of pain are numerous, including the muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, discs and bones. shutterstock_165440129The treatment accordingly will vary based on the diagnosis.  This is why an accurate diagnosis is important prior to starting treatment.  Our office specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of these chronic pain conditions.

Once you have a diagnosis then the treatment plan can be developed.  We will explain in detail the potential cause of your pain and how we can help you.

Treatment usually involves a combination of medications, exercise, physical therapy, and injections.  Injections carefully targeted under x-ray or ultrasound guidance to the source of pain can be both diagnostic as well as therapeutic with dramatic reduction in pain intensity.  Other modalities when implemented augment and maintain this pain relief.  Further changes in life style including exercise, weight reduction, proper nutrition, elimination of smoking are vital to maintenance.

One of our most innovative and effective treatment program involves the use of PRP and Stem cell therapy.  This is a regenerative approach to pain management unlike the use of steroids.  The idea behind the use of regenerative therapies is to preserve function and to actually help your body to heal the injury.

There are many reasons why the body was unable to heal itself.  As mentioned earlier, the vast majority of back pain resolves spontaneously.  This is where we are able to intervene and help your body.

If you have been told that you need to have surgery, give us a call.  Have a consultation.  Then make an informed decision.  We believe it is better to try and heal rather than try to cut it out.  After surgery there is usually a loss or reduction of function which is unlikely to be regained even with Regenerative therapy.

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